Fall 2018 Season

Enrollment for new students is now open.
Topics vary by grade level and include these general themes:

First Impressions: Greetings, punctuality, hand shaking, seating, escorting, appropriate dress, poise, and posture.
Public Courtesies: Party manners, elevator etiquette, sidewalk etiquette, door etiquette, and introductions.
Civility: Making conversation, accepting compliments and criticism, asking forgiveness, social media netiquette and online safety, managing conflict, self advocacy.
Gratitude and Correspondence: The art of giving and receiving gifts, thank you notes and written correspondence.
Friendship, Family, and Loyalty: Compassion, responsibilities for citizenship in family, school, and community, nonverbal communication, sportsmanship, phone and text etiquette, bullying, making and keeping confidences and promises, accepting consequences.
Ladies and Gentlemen in Social Graces: Mutual respect, dancing, escorting, extending, accepting, and declining invitations, social media safety.
Dining Etiquette: Table manners will be practiced in formal and informal settings during class as meals will be provided. Additional topics include: setting and clearing a table, using utensils, and self service at a buffet. The final class will be a culmination and celebration of the season’s lessons with a formal multi course dinner.