How does GEM’s curriculum compare to cotillion?
GEM focuses on teaching students to approach both everyday and special occasions with confidence and good manners. Our lessons are designed to help students learn empathy and respect for others and to demonstrate those traits by way of grace and mannerly habits. GEM students spend some class time learning the etiquette of dance. Unlike cotillion, however, dance is not GEM’s central focus. A meal served during each GEM class makes learning and practicing table manners a consistent component of GEM’s program. We have also found the sharing of meals to be highly valued by our students.

Is GEM a multiyear program or will students learn all they need to in a single year of GEM?
GEM is designed as a four year program starting at grade four or five and continuing through grade seven or eight. Each year’s lessons will build upon the previous year, providing students the opportunity to continue to practice and refine the skills that require it, while also keeping students of different ages engaged and challenged by new, developmentally appropriate topics. Students may opt to enroll in less than the entire program of GEM and will find that 1, 2, or 3 years of the program will provide practical instruction with everyday etiquette, table manners, and topics pertinent to the development of character.

What should students wear to class?
Ladies are asked to wear a dress or skirt and blouse with dress shoes. White gloves may be worn but are not required. Gentlemen should wear a coat and tie with dress shoes. Denim, “spaghetti straps”, and athletic shoes are not appropriate.

Are parents invited to attend and observe the classes?
Classes are designed to empower students to behave in a mature, grown up manner. For this reason, parents are asked to drop off their children and pick them up at the designated end time for the class. We respectfully request that the students be allowed to confidently participate without distractions from peeking parents.

Will food be served during class?
Yes! Laura Alberts Tasteful Options will cater all classes.

Will food allergies be accommodated?
Yes! Upon confirmation of enrollment, parents will be asked to provide information about food allergies. We will make any necessary menu accommodations for food allergies.

Do you offer a sibling discount?
Yes, we gladly extend a $25 sibling discount to families enrolling more than one child.

Special Topics and Small Groups
Special Topics for small group, younger students, and older students are available upon request. Examples of topics that may be requested include: interviewing skills, making friends, managing conflict, special media, leadership, public speaking, etc. In addition, GEM offers formal tea parties. Please contact the Directors to discuss your needs.