Parents Say

“I have two willful teenage boys and they love GEM. I was skeptical that they would even take it seriously but they have done so and look forward to dressing up for and attending every session. We’re so glad we signed them up!”-- Nikki H., mother of young gentlemen in 6th and 8th grade, January 28, 2018

“Last night’s GEM class was by far the hit of the year!! A. came home all smiles and couldn’t wait to tell us, show us and teach us all she had learned in class.  Thank you for all that you do to make this such a wonderful program for our children.” -- Tyler L., mother of 4th grade young lady, February 7, 2018

"After the “Dance Class” Grace. Etiquette. Manners. was a wonderful choice for us! I feel it’s become more important than ever to learn and cultivate good manners and etiquette. We try to teach these ideas at home, but when I saw the Grace. Etiquette. Manners. offerings I was thrilled to have the option of expanding and reinforcing our kids’ knowledge. My son was a reluctant participant, but he left the first class with a huge smile on his face, recounting several interesting and helpful facts about etiquette. His experience over the remainder of the course was equally wonderful and we highly recommend this fantastic program. I initially hesitated to register because of concerns about our calendar and schedule, but with one class a month it was never a problem to fit it in, especially since my son was so excited for each class.”-- Courtenay F., mother of 4th grade young gentleman,  March 9, 2018

“My daughter has been in the GEM classes and has loved them! She has learned a lot - and loves to talk about what she had learned. I’ve noticed a difference in her manners and also her awareness of others which has been great. If you missed out on the classes this year, I highly recommend checking this out or signing up for next year!” -- Carrie L., mother of 6th grade young lady, January, 28, 2018

“ kid loved it and often shared with us at home.  Like two ways to hold a fork, how to eat soup, etc. Very pleased with our decision to participate!”-- Barrie B., mother of 4th grade young lady, February 21, 2018

“Both of my boys look forward to it!  It is impressive that boys are looking forward to the class.  We didn’t do Cotillion but it seemed like most of the kids were dragging their heels to go.  Y’all are doing something right!”-- Lori H., mother of young gentlemen in 4th and 6th grade, October 12, 2017

Kids Say

“I thought GEM was very fun and a good way to socialize and learn at the same time.” Young lady in 7th grade, Feb. 2019 “You can learn a lot and it actually really does impact athe way you act at events or dinners.” Young lady in 8th grade, Feb. 2019 “Great teachers, lovely food. Truly a pleasure to attend.” Young gentleman in 8th grade, Feb. 2019 “I have learned so much f rom GEM over the past months. I have received many compliments on my improved manners!” Young lady in 5th grade, Feb. 2019 “It was so enjoyable and fun. I learned lots and now my parents won’t yell at me when I eat dinner. :)” Young lady in 5th grade, Feb. 2019 “The whole thing is awesome!” Young gentleman in 5th grade, Feb. 2019 “GEM was so amazing! The good was awesome and the teachers were great! I am a very picky eater but the food was great. It really felt like I was at a royal party!” Young lady in 4th grade, Feb. 2019 “I did not like GEM. I loved GEM! It was so much fun and I loved meeting new people!” Young lady in 6th grade, Feb. 2019 “I absolutely thought it helped me. And it was fun.” Young lady in 6th grade, Feb. 2019 “The food was really good, and some of my friends were here so it was really fun.” Young gentleman in 6th grade, Feb. 2019 *student responses to anonymous survey given at the end of the season